House Cup

air temple arts house brawl

Welcome, Student, to Air Temple Arts School of Levitation and Legerdemain!
You are cordially invited to participate in our 1st Annual HOUSE CUP!

Who: The House Cup is open to all Air Temple students who will be participating in adult session classes, open studio, and private lessons at any point over the course of the two summer sessions.

What: A friendly competition amongst students for excellent prizes, culminating in a Tri-Wizard Field Day at the end of the summer.

When: The House Cup will span both Summer Sessions, aka. May 8th – August 30th!

Students who wish to participate in the House Cup MUST do the following by APRIL 29th: 
Take the new official Pottermore Sorting Hat Quiz ( and email a screenshot of their house to (OR show Kayla/Stacey in person, OR post the screenshot in the Facebook Event), and pay the $10 registration fee.

If we get an even distribution of houses through the Pottermore method, students will be playing for their Pottermore house. If we don’t get an even distribution through Pottermore, we will through everyone’s name in a (sorting) hat and assign houses randomly to make sure the playing field is level.

House Heads:
Ravenclaw – Stacey
Hufflepuff – Azkadelia
Gryffindor – Nick
Slytherin – Liz

Points can/will be award/subtracted by any active Air Temple Professor (coach) at their reasonable discretion. To ensure fairness points can only be awarded a max of five at a time excepting extraordinary feats.

Points will be awarded for: A positive attitude, hard work in class or open studio, good technique, completion of goals, and successful execution of difficult and new material

Points will be subtracted for:
Negativity and complaining, preventable sloppiness and bad technique/habits, and arguing with Professors about points.

There are a few extra ways you can earn points as well:
Attending (new!) Circuit Training: 5 points
Attending Open Studio (not as a makeup): 2 points
Posting House Cup related material on Instagram: 3 points

What you win: 
Something awesome, TBA.

More about the House Cup on Instagram:
If you come up with a cool House Cup/HP themed Air Temple Instagram post, not only will you automatically get 3 points for your house, but it will enter you in our newest Instagram contest!

At the end of the summer we’ll be awarding an awesome prize to the best/most creative House Cup post. You can enter as many times as you want, and all entries must be tagged #airtemplehousecup to be considered.

Other information:
Do you have to be a Harry Potter fan to participate? OF COURSE NOT! The House Cup will be super fun whether you’re a super fan or not!

The House Cup is only open to students in ADULT classes. Students do not need to be present the whole summer in order to participate!

We will be having a HP related Social Night on May 13th! More details on that coming soon.

We will be having a Tri-Wizard field day on a TBA date towards the end of summer! Activities will include water balloon fights, three legged races, Quidditch and more!

We are having AWESOME House Cup related Air Temple shirts designed.

Yes, we have a system in place to prevent cheating. Don’t even try it; hexes are my specialty.

Yours Sincerely,
Kaiser Cygnet
Headmaster, Air Temple Arts School of Levitation and Legerdemain