Classes/Open Studio over Break

Here’s the schedule. Some instructors are available for private lessons.

12/14, 2:00 – 6:00
12/18, 5:30 – 8:00
12/21, 1:00 – 4:00
12/30, 5:30 – 8:00
1/4, 1:00 – 3:00
1/7, 5:30 – 8:00

12/21, 1:00
12/28, 1:00
12/30, 6:45
1/6, 5:30
1/7, 5:00

Presenting SPECIAL RELATIVITY – Circus through Space and Time

Special Relativity – Circus through Space and Time from Stacey on Vimeo.
Special Relativity is a full-length, contemporary circus show of original material conceptualized by Stacey Kigner and Allison McDermott, and created in partnership with Air Temple Arts. It will debut in New Haven, Connecticut in January 2015, with plans to adapt it for touring.

In Special Relativity a steel magnate from the 1890s finds both his mettle and the depth of his devotion tested when a space/time accident separates him from his consort. If he’s going to have any chance of seeing her again he has no choice but to follow her path through the time vortex.

We’ll travel from the Stone Age to a dystopian future, telling the story of Special Relativitythrough Chinese pole, aerial dance, acrobatics, contortion, Spanish web and more.

Special Relativity will play at the ACES ECA theater on January 16th and 17th, 2015.

We’re currently raising funds for Special Relativity with an IndieGOGO campaign. Learn more about the show and contribute here.

Workshops with the 7 Fingers!

Air Temple Arts is thrilled to be hosting workshops taught by the amazing Montreal circus troupe 7 Fingers!

The 7 Fingers will be offering four workshops on Monday, June 23rd while they’re in town performing their show TRACES at the International Festival of Arts and Ideas! Get tickets to see Traces

Workshops in the following disciplines will be taught: Diabolo, Chinese Pole, Hand to Hand, and Aerial Straps. Workshop material will be dictated by the interests and abilities of the students in class.

All workshops are $60 per person. To register visit: select ‘session classes’ and then ‘workshops’ from the drop down tab.

Email with any questions.

Diabolo – 1:00-3:00 with Hou Kai

About the Instructor:
Hou Kai was born in 1993 in Henan Province of China. Hou Kai started his strict training at the age of five at the Shaolin Temple in Henan. This training gave him a strong foundation to become an amazing acrobat in the following years. At the age of eight Hou Kai joined the China Acrobatic Troupe where he went through extensive training. Within nine years he acquired various acrobatic skills such as hoop diving, Chinese diabolo, tumbling, juggling balls, juggling hat, Chinese pole, dancing, and martial arts. Hou Kai’s acrobatic skills have been seen and admired at the Tian Di Theatre for the past nine years. He performed daily with the acrobatic troupe and also had his own Chinese diabolo act. Hou Kai left the China Acrobatic Troup in 2010 to pursue his career as a performer. Apart from China, he also performed in the USA, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Switzerland, Czech, Germany, Japan, Australia, Hungary and Hong Kong. Leaving the stage with loud applause by his breathtaking acts gave him a lot of confidence when performing. Through this experience he can call himself a professional acrobat performer.

Chinese Pole – 1:00-3:00 with Fletcher Sancheztraces-poles-lucas-boutin-mathieu-cloutier-marion-belin-web

This pole workshop is for experienced students who are comfortable moving and working on the Chinese pole. Proper shoes and attire required.

About the Instructor:
With roots in classical dance Jazz and Hip Hop Fletcher started his circus formation at the San Francisco Circus Centre, From there he continued his formation at L’Ecole nationale De Cirque De Montréal and completed their 3 year program. A generalist at heart he loves to try everything but specializes in Chinese Pole, Trampoline Wall, and Teeterboard. He has performed with many companies including: San Francisco Youth Circus, Vau de Vire society, Haut Vol productions, Cirque Productions, Cirque du Soleil, and the 7 Fingers (AMUSE). He was performing for 2 years with Cirque Éloize in their new creation “ID” and works closely with the Catwall Acrobats as one of their main acrobats.

Hand to Hand – 3:00-5:00 with Naomi Zimmerman-Pinchon and Renaldo Williamsnaomi renaldo

This workshop will focus on hand to hand and related skills dictated by the interests and levels of the students in the class.

Advanced students only, existing partnerships preferred.

About the instructors:
Both specializing in hand to hand, Renaldo and Naomi graduated from the national circus school as a duo in 2013. They have since performed their act across the globe for several companies including: Haut Vol productions, Spiegelworld, Cirque Éloize and Les 7 doigts de la main. Starting in 2014 the duo will join the cast of the hit show « TRACES »

Aerial Straps – 3:00-5:00 with LJ Marleslj straps2
This straps workshop is a mixed levels class and is appropriate for beginners and advanced straps artists. The class will be taught to the level of students in attendance.

Students do not necessarily need previous straps experience but should have at least a solid aerial foundation.

About the instructor:
London-boy LJ (Kalyn) fell in love with the circus arts at the age of 18 after taking part in a youth project with the Bassline Circus. A self taught street and hiphop dancer, he spent the next three years at the Circus Space, specializing in aerial straps. After developing his skills and approach, he performed in projects such as Finland’s Turku Festival, France’s Circa Festival, and an out- door series with the British National Theatre. LJ joined TRACES in 2012.

About the 7 Fingers:
Founded in Montreal in 2002, the 7 Fingers initial goal was to bring circus to a human scale. They began as artists on stage, creating collectively, and soon branched out, expanding their creative talents as directors, choreographers, writers and coaches, passing on their collaborative and unique 7 Fingers process to a new generation of circus artists.

Spring Open Stage Night!

open stage 3Join us for Air Temple’s spring Open Stage Night! The Open Stage will take place on May 2nd, 2014.

As with last time, this event is BYOB and BYOSeat (if you want). We’ll have plenty of squishy things to rest your bottom on as you enjoy the circus stylings of the Air Temple community, but you’re welcome to bring your own.

The goal of the open stage is to create an accessible stage for performers and to bring affordable performance to New Haven, as such there is a (strongly) suggested donation of $10 at the door.

This Open Stage will feature the following skills: aerial silks, hula hooping, burlesque, aerial hoop, and tribal/belly dance.

Facebook event here.

Spring Session Schedule Here!

Our schedule for the Spring Session of classes starting March 15th is now live! We have more classes than ever, and some awesome new classes including Intro to Fire Arts, Circus for Fitness and Fun, Aerial Sling, and Intro to Aerial Partnering.

Check it out below:spring session w-teachers

Spring Open Stage Night — Call for performers!

Join us for Air Temple’s spring Open Stage Night! The Open Stage will take place on May 2nd, 2014.

As with last time, this event is BYOB and BYOSeat (if you want). We’ll have plenty of squishy things to rest your bottom on as you enjoy the circus stylings of the Air Temple community, but you’re welcome to bring your own.

The goal of the open stage is to create an accessible stage for performers and to bring affordable performance to New Haven, as such there is a (strongly) suggested donation of $10 at the door.


This is an opportunity for seasoned professionals and first time performers alike to display their skills and hone their craft in a low stress, high fun environment. Maybe you’re performing for the first time ever soon and you’d like to do a test run before then. Or maybe you’re a pro who simply likes any excuse to perform. Maybe you’re working on a crazy new piece and want to see how audiences will react. Maybe you just like to perform. In any case, our stage is yours.

Act submission is open to the following skills/disciplines:
ANY circus art.
ANY flow/spinning art
Variety or vaudeville acts
Dance routines
Clowning or comedy routines
Pretty much any physical performing art

We will not be accepting musical performance acts. We will also be limiting the number of each kind of act to prevent redundancy–for example no more than three roller skaters etc. If you have an act, but you’re not sure it falls into any of the above categories, submit it! You may submit a new work, or an act you’ve performed before, but not an act from a previous Air Temple Open Stage Night.

TO SUBMIT AN ACT email with the following information:

Your name

The number of people in your act (and their names if more than just you)

The length of your act (this can be approximate, but not over 10 minutes)

What kind of performance (aerial routine, comedy, poi spinning etc.)

A link to a video of the act (if you have it) OR a link to a video of you doing something similar (if you have that) OR a link to any video evidence that will help us get a feel for your act (if you have it) OR Nothing. Obviously though, the more you can give us to work with, the easier it will be for us to get an idea of your performance.

A description of you act (more detail is better than less. For example ‘I will be performing trapeze to Hit me Baby One More Time’ is not super helpful. Try to tell us what the tone of your piece is, the more we can visualize it the better! However it does not need to be as specific as ‘I will be doing a double star drop at minute mark 4:35′)

A very brief performance history (ie: ‘this is my first time ever’, or ‘this is my first time performing trapeze but I’ve been performing as a juggler for six years’ or ‘I’ve performed this particular act 600 times’ is plenty)

Why you’d like to perform at the open stage/what you’d like to accomplish by it.

All act PROPOSALS must be SUBMITTED by 12:00 PM on FRIDAY, March 15th! (Keep in mind your act does not necessarily need to be finished by this time.)
Please remember we only have so many slots for each performance type, and so many performance slots period, and will be filling them as we receive applications, so it behooves you to apply sooner rather than later!

Looking forward to your amazing submissions!